I’ve always been a bit hesitant to call it executive coaching. Most business owners didn’t start with goals of becoming an executive. Instead, they are people who’ve found a passion, the spark of an idea, or an opportunity; and, before they knew it, they found themselves hiring, making decisions, and leading a business. I've certainly been in this position. The weight of responsibility often creeps up on us. It can become difficult to balance the needs of the employees with the economics of sustaining a successful business. It can be difficult to balance our personal needs with those of the business. As thrilling as it can be to create and own a successful business, we can quickly lose parity with our employees and find ourselves secretly carrying the negative aspects of the business on our own shoulders. As much as we try to be part of the team, we’re always observing from a slightly different perspective. It can be lonely, isolating, frustrating, and confusing.

As appealing as it might be to protect ourselves by shedding our empathy and treating our employees with less humanity, you don’t need to be a sociopath to run a successful business and have a happy life. You can love your job. Your employees can love their jobs. You can run a successful and sustainable company and find passion in your work. You don’t need to weather the storms of business alone.

I help business leaders to find solutions for themselves, their businesses, and their employees. What are your goals? What's gnawing at you? What's not working in your business? Where should you be focusing your attention? How can your business keep you happy and healthy? Sometimes, it's just a matter of sitting down and taking a moment to look at the big picture. If you want your business to feel like a success, you need to figure out what success looks like. You need to map out your journey. I love doing this stuff.

What’s that, you want a bulleted list of the types of things I can help with? Well, I happen to have one right here:

  • Finding your vision for the company

  • Creating a thriving company culture

  • Communicating clearly with your company and your clients/customers

  • Defining goals

  • Growing and hiring

  • Finding financially sustainability

  • Finding your market niche

  • Defining a clear company identity

  • Finding authentic ways to market yourself

  • Finding the best talent for your business

  • Building creative teams

  • Creating distributed/remote teams

  • Finding a sustainable work/life balance

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-Jeff Robbins

You don’t need to be a sociopath to run a successful business and have a happy life.